Fracture Clinic

Fracture Clinic

Swan Hill District Health has been successful in obtaining funding for the initiation of a Telehealth Fracture clinic. Telehealth is defined as an electronic exchange of health information to deliver virtual medical, health and education services. It is a collection of means to enhance care delivery to patients and is being used more and more in regional areas due to its proven benefits.

The Fracture Clinic commenced in mid-May 2018 and runs from 1.30 pm on Wednesday afternoons.


  • Suitability of patients/clients for the Fracture Clinic will be determined by Bendigo Health Liaison Nurse team.
  • If patients need to have an x-ray, they will be notified by staff to present to Swan Hill District Health Radiology before attending the fracture clinic.
  • Nursing staff will support the patient/client and be present through the telehealth consult with the Orthopaedic Specialist.
  • If patients need fibreglass or plaster casting; this will be applied by staff at the clinic.
  • Physiotherapy staff will be on hand if required and generate referrals for ongoing rehabilitation as needed. 

For more information, please contact Swan Hill Primary Health Medical Centre on  Ph: 03 5033 9900 or download Information Handout

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