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Get Involved

Founded by a group of concerned squatters of the district in the 1860's Swan Hill District Health has today become a symbol of the hopes and strivings, the courage and generosity of the community it has served for more than a century. Beset with difficulties from the outset, the health services has managed to overcome constant financial, equipment and staffing problems with the help of the surrounding community.

The 'My Hospital' theme is about our community and Swan Hill District Health working closer together.

'My Hospital' is about individuals in Swan Hill and surrounding community taking a personal interest in and "ownership" of Swan Hill District Health. We want individual people to have the view that Swan Hill District Health is their health service to use, to support and assist in meeting their needs.

Such a view will help in developing future services to meet our community's health needs.

'My Hospital' reflects Swan Hill District Health's values of unity, community participation and empowerment. It also reinforces our aim in developing a culture of ownership, trust and pride amongst its staff.

Thank you for your community spirit, we couldn't do it without you! 

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