Admissions & Discharge Office (Health Information Service)

Admissions & Discharge Office (Health Information Service)

Patients may attend the Admissions & Discharges Office for the following services: 

 • Pre-admission for elective surgery – patients will generally be asked to attend the Admission & Discharges Office to be pre-admitted for surgery, before their appointment with the Pre-Admission Nurse. Staff will collect/update demographic information, as well as ask for any Medicare, pension, health care, or private health insurance cards. Patients will sign all administrative admission paperwork at this time.

Discharge – upon discharge from the health service, patients will be given a ‘Discharge Notification Form’ which should be handed in at the Admissions & Discharges Office.

Freedom of Information requests (FORM TO BE COMPLETED) – patients have the right to access their health information under the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act 1982. FOI request forms are available at the Admissions & Discharges Office. Charges may apply.

Health Information Services are also responsible for:
• Storage, maintenance and retrieval of medical records
• Clinical coding
• Data management
• Ensuring the health service complies with Privacy & Confidentiality legislation     

Opening hours:

8am – 5pm Monday to Friday


Health Information Services

Location:        First floor, next to the Operating Theatre and Midwifery Unit.

Phone:            03 5033 9318

Fax:                03 5033 9496


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