Workplace Health

Workplace Health

Workplaces have an important role to play in promoting gender equality. This year to celebrate International Women's Day we have produced a video showing our commitment as an organisation to recognising the contribution of women as well as calling for gender equality as a primary prevention approach to family violence. 

We spend almost one third of our daily hours at work, therefore creating a healthy workplace is vital to ensuring good health and wellbeing for your staff.                                       

Workplace Achievement Program

The Workplace Achievement Program supports the development of healthy workplaces and workforces. The Workplace Achievement Program is a framework designed to guide workplaces through the process of creating a healthy workplace environment and improving the health and wellbeing of their staff. Visit the website here for more information and to sign up.

Physical Activity

Local options: Click here to check out our list of options to get active in our local area  

Walking/pedometer Challenge:  10 000 Steps Website:             

                                                        For a Step Log sheet click here

Are you a Desk Dweller?

Employees who have roles that require lots of sitting at a desk are at risk! Check out our Tips for Desk Sitters, and Desk Stretches poster. We also have a poster to put up near your printer or photocopier to remind you to stretch while you wait for your item, Printer Stretches poster. 

Desk Sitter tip booklet
Desk Stretches poster
Printer Stretches poster

The Comcare sedentary work practices toolkit also has some useful resources. Click here to view their resources.


Smart Eating - read more about Smart Eating for health

Food & Activity Diary: would recording your intake and activity for a week or a few days help you to set some goals or help you monitor your progress? click here to find our weekly record sheet.

Other websites:

Workplace Health Association Australia

Live Lighter

Dietitians Association Australia

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