What its like to have your Children Swabbed

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What’s it like, having your children swabbed?

“There was an exposure site at the school my two attend, and the three of us had sore throats and both children had sniffles, so we were quick to come and be tested” so said mother of two, KB, as she lined up to be swabbed on Tuesday.

As a health professional and mother of an 8 and 10 year old, KB is well aware of the consequences, if any of the family contracts COVID.

“I just want everyone with the slightest symptom to be tested. It’s the only way we can protect our families, friends and the community”.

“The staff are doing a terrific job – we moved through the queue at a good pace, they explained everything, and did an excellent job making sure they kept their distance.

The swabs were good, they didn’t hurt, even for the kids. It was a good experience all round, and we all felt a lot safer”, KB said as she left the swabbing area and headed home to isolate while they waited for the results.

KB’s 10 year old chipped in saying “Some kids think it might hurt, but it doesn’t, the staff are very good and it’s easy, and quite quick. I didn’t mind it at all”.

“We are so lucky we live in Swan Hill, everyone cares for each other, everyone looks out for each other… that doesn’t always happen in bigger places,” KB said.

Anything else you want to say KB? “Yes…. if everyone keeps being careful, wearing masks, using sanitiser and keeping apart, we will all stay safe and help protect our community so we can keep enjoying life in this beautiful place where we live”.