SHDH Mixed Ward Ratios

Bed Ratios as at 21st February 2024

WardAM ShiftPM ShiftNight Shift
Acute Ward– medical/surgical1:5 + in charge1:6 + in charge1:10
Midwifery Ward– Maternity and Low acuity surgical/medical
2 Birth suites1:4 post natal + 1 in charge1:4 + in charge1:6
General Patients in Maternity1:51:61:10
Subacute Ward– Rehabilitation/GEM/TCP and Palliative Care
Rehabilitation/GEM (total 10 beds)1:5 + in charge1:5 + in charge1:10
Palliative Care (2 beds)1:41:41:6
TCP (2 beds to 4)Ratios do not apply