About Us

About Us

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We are a 143 bed (including Aged Care) fully integrated rural public health service. We employ around 630 staff and service a 100 km radius area with an estimated catchment area of around 35,000 people. We are located on the Murray River in rural Victoria 344 km north west of Melbourne. Our vision is to provide appropriate services in the right setting by dedicated people with and for our community.


Our VISION STATEMENT guides us with our overall purpose: 

Provide appropriate services in the right setting by dedicated people with and for our community.

This statement reminds us that our services need to be appropriate so we do not attempt to deliver services which are unsustainable or unsafe.

The right setting for our services challenges us to consider the location and physical environment for our appropriate services.

By dedicated people refers to all our staff and volunteers and visiting consultants who are dedicated to provide high quality care to our residents, patients and clients of Swan Hill District Health.

With and for our community reminds us all that we are all working together with our community to provide the best services we can for our community.


  • Respect…this means that you interact with others as you would expect them to interact with you.
  • Professionalism…this means we deliver services with integrity, honesty and competence.
  • Care…this means that we provide a standard of service and support which we would expect for ourselves.
  • Commitment…this means that we are dedicated to the promotion and success of the organization.
  • Collaboration…this means working together in a positive, supportive manner

SHDH Strategic Plan 2016-2019

Department of Health's Statement of Priorities for SHDH 2018-19

SHDH Committee Reporting Structure April 2019

ACHS Accreditation Certificate 2015-2019

SHDH Community Information Brochure - (Health Services Plan) December 2017

Person Centered Care

Swan Hill District Health is committed to providing person centered care, this is care that respects & responds to the preferences, needs & values of the person. This relates to all people accessing our services, whether as a patient, resident, family member or out-patient/client.

Person centered care is a partnership and collaboration in care and service provision between the health care worker or organisation and patients, family/carers and community members. It aims to ensure that patients are well informed about their condition and treatment plan and are involved in decisions regarding their care.

Person centered care involves organisations caring for their staff. Staff who feel important and cared for are more able to care effectively for patients, clients and their families.

Our Position on Family Violence

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