Donations and Bequests


Swan Hill District Health values and appreciates the help it receives from the community it serves.

Today the support is still as vital and important as ever as we continue to strive for first class facilities, services and equipment in order to give our medical and nursing staff an extra edge in delivering the best health care.


Swan Hill District Health values bequests for the lasting legacy they are able to provide.
In your will you can remember Swan Hill District Health or a service of special interest to you.
Your thoughtfulness and generosity in acknowledging us with a bequest will provide the community with a lasting legacy.

Please contact us to arrange a confidential discussion and meeting if that would assist in making your intentions clear.

Advice should be sought from your legal adviser however, the following wording is provided as a guide:

“I (insert full name) devise and bequeath to Swan Hill District Health free of all duties the following (insert details of your bequest) to be used for the provision of facilities and equipment at Swan Hill District Health.”