Video’s made by Swan Hill District Health

At Swan Hill District Health we are committed to providing the best care, as close to home as possible. To support this, we are introducing telehealth as an option when suitable. Using telehealth, you can have an appointment with your health professional by video. You can do this from your home, at your school or at a local health service.

Services available from this link are: Physiotherapy, Health Promotion (including Dietetics, Diabetes Education, Women’s Health, Sexual Health, Breastfeeding Support and Refugee Health), Podiatry, Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Palliative Care and Community Rehabilitation services.

Telehealth must be requested and booked in advance.

Please use the Google Chrome browser on PC and Safari on Apple Devices.

Attending your appointment

If you already have an appointment and are ready to attend your Telehealth appointment now, please click the appropriate button below.

Please start your video call 5-10 minutes before your appointment time.

Prior to your telehealth appointment please ensure you have undertaken a Test Call to test your technical equipment, click here: TEST CALL

If you are preparing for your Telehealth Appointment, please start your video consultation by clicking on Enter Our Waiting Room, and then select the appropriate clinic/service

Enter our Waiting Area