Youth Health Service (Clinic 60)

The Youth Health Service, also known as Clinic 60, offers a strictly confidential health service to young people up to 30 years of age. This service is provided by experienced Community Health Nurses. We welcome young people to come and chat to a nurse about their health.

Services include:

  • STI testing (chlamydia & gonorrhoea) – urine test only
  • Pregnancy support & options
  • Contraception advice
  • Emergency Contraception
  • Free Condoms
  • LGBTQIA+ support
  • Breast awareness education
  • Cervical screening (for individuals 25+)

This is a free and confidential service for those under the age of 30 years. No referral or Medicare card is required for this service, and bookings can be made by calling Community Health.

How can Clinic 60 help me? The clinic nurse offers testing, advice and support in general health and all areas of sexual health. If you’re sexually active, it’s important to have a sexual health check every 12 months, or whenever you have symptoms or change sexual partners. We want you to feel comfortable to come as often as you need for your free sexual health check.

Can I just walk in? We prefer if you call ahead to book an appointment. Usually it only takes about 15 minutes for a STI test, but we will always give you as much time as you need. You can book an appointment in person (at 125 Campbell Street) or by giving us a call on (03) 5033 9337.

What if I’m pregnant? Clinic 60 can provide testing, support and options on pregnancy choices, giving you all the facts needed to make an informed choice about your health and wellbeing. We are a non-judgmental service; we will support you with information on all your options: pregnancy care and how to access support in our community; termination of pregnancy, including medical and surgical; and advice about adoption.

What if I don’t feel comfortable during the appointment? Tell the nurse that you feel anxious or you do not feel comfortable. It is okay to feel nervous before and also during your appointment, the nurses are very understanding, it is okay to ask for a break.

What LGBTIQA+ support do you offer? Clinic 60 provides reproductive and sexual health services, information and referrals for LGBTIQA+ clients. We are an inclusive and safe service who can provide you with a listening ear, or provide you with more information, support or advice on local or regional support services and groups.

To learn more about the service see more of our frequently asked questions (FAQ) on the link below and our service flyer.