Patient Admission Information


Patients may be admitted through our Emergency Department if either the Emergency doctor decides an admission is necessary, or if the patient has been referred for admission from a doctor.
The Emergency Department doctor will complete a patient history and examination prior to the patient being taken to the Ward.


Women planning to have their baby usually complete the pre-admission process at about 20 weeks.
You are not required to have a referral from your doctor in order to book in for the birth. When you are at admissions you will be asked your personal information, as well as your Medicare and/or private health insurance details. You will also be asked to sign an election form as to whether you choose to be a public or private patient.  
You will then be directed to the Midwifery Ward to arrange an appointment with a Midwife to complete your medical and obstetric history. The Midwife will also help you with planning antenatal classes & will provide information regarding antenatal programs.
If you require an induction of labour or elective caesarean late in your pregnancy, your doctor will arrange this with the Midwifery Ward. You will be sent to the Midwifery ward to see the midwife who will explain the details of these procedures to you.


Patients who have a booked procedure will be advised of their date of admission either by the Theatre Bookings Clerk or the specialist who is doing the procedure.


Most of our surgical patients are required to speak with our Pre-Admission Nurse. You will also be advised of a date and time for a pre-admission clinic appointment.
The Pre-Admission Nurse will ask you questions regarding your general health and give you further information regarding your planned procedure. This may be an appointment that you need to attend at the Pre-Admission Clinic in person, or it may be a phone consultation with the Pre-Admission Nurse. This is your opportunity to ask questions regarding your procedure.
Please bring in a list of medications you may be taking and any information on your medical and surgical history.
You will also be asked to visit or phone the Admissions Office some weeks prior to you procedure date to update your details and sign appropriate paperwork.


• Your usual medications, or a list of your usual medications
• Medicare or entitlement cards
• Reading material if you wish
• We suggest children may wish to bring a comfort item (teddy bear, etc.)
• Maternal and Child Health Record book for children under 6 years of age
• Patients staying in overnight in addition to the above items suggested
• Your night wear (pyjamas) & dressing gown, and slippers.
• Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, deodorant, etc.)
• Make sure your personal items are labelled. SHDH is not responsible for your personal items


• DO NOT bring large amounts of money
• DO NOT bring items of sentimental value
• DO NOT bring valuable jewellery, make-up or nail polish
• DO NOT bring Talcum powder or aerosol spray of any type as they may interfere with the fire alarm system
• AVOID using mobile phones – they can interfere with some medical equipment