Private Patients

Swan Hill District Health is a public hospital, however you may elect to use your private health insurance.

Simplified Billing
Swan Hill District Health operates using the ‘Simplified Billing’ system. Patients who have adequate private health insurance are guaranteed there will be ‘no gaps’ if they chose to come in as a private patient. Admission staff will explain the benefits of ‘Simplified Billing’ as part of the patient election process.

What are the benefits?
Patients who stay overnight are entitled to their choice of doctor (if available), no excess fees, no gap payment, the daily newspaper, premium towels, free toiletries pack,activity pack for children, fruit platter or cheese platter with dinner, and a beer or wine with dinner.

Patients who are admitted for the day only are entitled to no excess fees, no gap payment, a free drink bottle and an activity pack for children. As well as benefiting our patients, Simplified Billing also benefits Swan Hill District Health. By using your private health insurance, you are assisting the health service to buy new equipment, maintain facilities and continue to provide a better service.

There is no charge for using the ‘Simplified Billing’ service.


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