Fees incurred by Private Patients


Patients should be aware that opting to be treated as a Private Patient in a Public Hospital may still end up with some additional charges.

Swan Hill District Health encourages good Informed Financial Consent practice and the provision of information about medical fees to patients. Before you go into Hospital for any proposed treatment as a private patient, it’s your right to ask your doctor about his or her fees, and to find out about the fees of other doctors who might be involved in your care or any other Hospital charges.

You should ask your Health Fund about what you are covered for, and whether you will have a medical gap (out-of-pocket costs) to pay.

What is a medical gap?

A medical gap (or out-of-pocket cost) is the difference between your Doctor’s or Hospital’s fee and the combined amount of the Medicare rebate and the benefit your private health insurer will pay for a medical service.

Questions to ask your doctor about costs before you go to hospital

  1. What are your fees?
  2. Are there any fees for other doctors?
  3. Will I have any out-of-pocket costs?
  4. Is your fee an estimate only?
  5. Can I have an estimate of your fees in writing?
  6. If the cost changes, when will you let me know?
  7. What if I need a prosthesis/implant?
  8. Should I contact my health fund?

What you are required to do?

Should you choose to be admitted as a Private patient, you or a family member will need to check with your private health insurance fund if you are appropriately covered for any required hospital services.  You will be required to pay the amount in full and seek reimbursement from your health fund.  Please be aware that there will be some gap amounts not covered by your health fund when you seek reimbursement.

Below are the associated charges that may be billed to you should you chose to use your Private Health Insurance as an Inpatient at Swan Hill District Health.

Hospital Fees:

Patient ClassificationLength of stayShared Room Rate per daySingle Room Rate per day
Advanced Surgical1 – 14 days 15 + days$673 $579$782 $655
Surgical/ Obstetrics1 – 14 days 15 + days$657 $607$1005 $712
Medical1 – 14 days 15 + days$649 $624$792 $779
Same Day Band 1Day procedure$569N/A
Same Day Band 2Day procedure$799N/A
Same Day Band 3Day procedure$445N/A
Same Day Band 4Day procedure$451N/A

Other Related Services (may be applicable):

Type of Service  Estimate of Fee or ChargeAssociated Notes
Anaesthetist$400When patient goes to theatre for a procedure.
Surgeon$1000When patient goes to theatre for a procedure.
Assistant Surgeon$500Sometimes applicable when patient goes to theatre for a procedure.
Devices/ImplantsVariedSometimes applicable when patient goes to theatre for a procedure.
Pathology$200Blood tests etc.  Billed by Laboratory to patient.
Radiology$500X-rays, CTs etc. 
Inpatient doctor consultsDependent on length of stayVisits from your admitting doctor while in hospital.

Should you have any further questions please speak with the Ward Clerk.

For more information go to link:

AMA – Informed Financial Consent (Assisting patients to understand their health care and its costs).