Consumer and Community Engagement

Work with us to improve your health service!

At Swan Hill District Health we want to deliver our vision of connected care, best experience to all our consumers and the broader community we serve. We cannot effectively do that without meaningful input from those very consumers and our community.

We therefore aim to create opportunities for our consumers and community to engage with SHDH to help us achieve our vision. We know that by engaging our community we can deliver better outcomes.

Swan Hill District Health is committed to fulfilling the principles and requirements of the National Safety and Quality Health Standards – Standard 2 Partnering with Consumers. If you would like to learn more about this Standard, to which all health services are assessed, please visit the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care website.

We know better health outcomes are achieved when health professionals and services work in partnership with consumers, patients, careres and communities


There are different ways you can get involved with Swan Hill District Health, and help us improve the services we deliver to you, our most important stakeholder.

In the process of engaging meaningfully with consumers and our community, we aim to embrace key principles, as outlined in our Consumer & Community Engagement Framework, to guide our work:


Embracing & Celebrating Diversity

Continuous Improvement

Creativity & Flexibility

Partnership & Shared Power


If you have ideas on how we could better link with our community or collect experiences and expertise of our consumers – get in touch! You can email

If you have specific feedback on Swan Hill District Health’s services (including compliments and complaints) please click here.


Examples of Consumer & Community Engagement

Our Stories

Stories from the Swan Hill District Health community generously shared to help us continue to improve our services and remind us why we are here.