Our Stories

A variety of stories from the Swan Hill District Health community that help us to continually improve our care and services.

Its all a matter of interpretation

“SHDH are quick to engage interpreter services” A 44-year-old refugee from Afghanistan, AJ moved to Swan Hill from Western Australia, in November, 2017, after arriving in Australia by boat in 2013.

Unique Honor for Local Elder

“Margaret Moore was always a trailblazer” even as a young woman when she packed up her life at Batemans Bay, and headed off to find regular work.

Lucky for us, she landed on Wemba Wamba Country and met her future husband. With Eddie Moore, Margaret went on to have six children, while helping and working with her community where she gained the status of Elder, and made huge inroads with family, community and Aboriginal Culture.

Having our baby at Swan Hill District Health

“We knew COVID restrictions were in place” Kelsey and her husband, Greg, were aware COVID restrictions might restrict their time together when they came to Swan Hill District Health for the birth of their first child.

Spencer & The Speechy

I really like playing the pizza game” Spencer is one of hundreds of pre-school children who take advantage of SHDH’s excellent Speech Pathology services. 

Hospital in the Home

“Within days I was home and being visited by the HITH nurses” A healthy ex farmer in his 70s, Warwick never needed to know about our Hospital In The Home service…  until it was coming up to Christmas, and he was stuck in a hospital in Melbourne.

Our Midwifery Experience

“I’d heard good things about the unit at Swan Hill” Jayde Kerr says personal touches around having a baby at Swan Hill made all the difference for her. 

Sandra’s ED Experience

“The girl on the desk was fabulous” Roger Fellows sat for hours in the ED waiting room, wondering what was happening with his wife, Sandra, who was very seriously ill in the adjacent area. He wants to know if anything can be done, so family members are better informed, in a timely manner. 

Val’s TCP Journey

“They were all so caring and friendly, and I think it give you confidence” Val had a fall at home, and was in severe pain. She didn’t call an ambulance, and refused to go
to hospital, as she feared she wouldn’t come out, or at the very least, she’d be crippled.

Mixed Feelings

“Amelia* and Jim* have mixed feelings about having their first child at Swan Hill District Health, although overall the experience was good enough for them to commit to coming back” They live on a farm 90 minutes from services, so needed to be as close as possible for the arrival of their first child – a daughter born in July.

Caring for our COVID cases

My sincerest thanks to the Care at Home team for their exceptional care during my family’s recent experience with Covid-19.” We were holidaying seven hundred kilometres from home when my son – and some friends he’d been with – became unwell.

Mixed Experiences

“A former nurse in her 60s, JCM had varied experiences in her 15 days at SHDH” but mostly she was really pleased with all that happened – especially the operation which cut the cancer from her body.

I wouldn’t be here if not for NDIS

“That was the response from Swan Hill District Hospital Jacaranda Lodge resident, Martin Hill,” when I asked how it was for him as a resident at the 30-bed lodge at Nyah West.