Residential in Reach

Residential in Reach (RIR) is a non- admitted service for people living in residential aged care facility (RACF) to reduce the risk of avoidable ED presentation and hospital admission. RIR provides care, consultation, referral, education and support for clients and care providers in the RACF

Contact RIR if you:

  • Are unable to access the resident’s GP (or if the GP is requesting Residential In Reach)
  • Considering sending a resident into the Emergency Department
  • Need assistance to perform a procedure
  • Need timely clinical advice

Service we provide:

  • Post hospital discharge follow up (including newly transitioning to residential care)
  • Initial consultation and review of acutely unwell residents.
  • Delirium, infection and sepsis screening.
  • Specialty care, new apparatus or treatment plan requirement of special attachment and devices: urinary indwelling catheter (includes SPC) & Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG)
  • Acute and Complex Wound Management
  • Uncontrolled pain issues
  • Unstable diabetes on insulin
  • Acute palliative care support, End of life and assistance with community referrals.
  • Falls management plan.
  • Advice re: outbreak management i.e. Influenza, Covid-19, C-diff outbreak (In accordance with the Department of Health)
  • Dementia with challenging Behaviour and Psychological symptoms support and advice management.
  • Facilitate transition to ongoing care in the home. i.e. Hospital in the Home.
  • Chronic Disease and management plan such as Congestive Heart Failure or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.
  • Inappropriate and/or frequent presentation to ED
  • Nutrition and Hydration issues
  • Advance Care Planning
  • Family support meeting

Eligibility Criteria:

People living in residential aged care facility.


No cost to client or facility.  

Facilities we serve:

  • SHDH Logan Lodge
  • SHDH Jacaranda Lodge (NYAH)
  • Hope Aged Care – Swan Hill
  • Respect Alcheringa Lodge -Swan Hill

How to refer:

  • via Phone: 0483 115 039 (After-hours please leave a message)

Contact Us:

 The Residential In Reach Service visiting hours are from 08.00 am to 16.30pm Monday to Friday.

  • Address: 44 High Street, Swan Hill, VIC 3585
  • Email:

At SHDH we value your feedback and recommendation. You are welcome to complete Feedback / Care Opinion form to help us improve the RIR service :